Struggling Fathers


Struggling Fathers

Genesis 42:1 – 43:15

It’s Father’s Day and it’s time to celebrate our fathers, men and boys in our Church! How many of you remember the “Leave it to Beaver” TV show? Most of you, know the show through reruns. The family was the Cleavers, husband/father was Ward who was married to June. June was a sweetheart that did house work in a dress and high heel! Two sons Walter and Theodore better known as Wally and the Beaver. There is no question that Ward was the foundation of the family. All problems/issues were settled in 30 minutes! Ward was never concerned about employment, no scandals, no addictions, a respectable husband and community leader. Well, this was not my experience as a dad and likely neither was your home like the Cleavers. Most of us guys will relate more to Joseph’s father Jacob. His home was more consistent with ours. Let’s examine Genesis 34-35 and focus on 41:1-43:15 where we will find Boys will be boys, buying what is needed for the family, and battling dad.

Boys will be boys: Genesis 32-35

Sister violated, brothers/son all guilt of something! Struggling Father is visited by God. (Genesis 35:1-2) God shows up, gives instructions and revival.

Buying what is needed for the family Genesis 42:1-28

Famine revealed by God to Joseph. Failure of Jacob’s sons, Faulting faith of father. (Genesis 42:3-5) Facing the music (Genesis 42:6-28) Recognized by Joseph. Remember the dream.Responsible test: Not vindictive (Genesis 42:9-19) to prove who they are, power to put in jail, place of reflection. (42:21-22), passion for his brothers (Genesis 42:24-26) Realizationthat God was involved with correcting them. (Genesis 42:27-28)

Battling Fathers Genesis 42:29-43:15

Plain truth of the trip to Egypt: (42:32) Proof the sons had to produce. Bring your brother. Problem of their money in their bags of grain. Painful reality they have to go. Process struggling to acceptance: (43:1-15) Grief in the struggle: (43:4-15) Denial Blame someone for the situation. Uncertainty of the outcome and wondering if God is involved. Guarded faith of Joseph: “Ihope

Fathers must trust God and demonstrate to our children faith works. Our natural tendencies are to think negatively, focus on circumstance instead of God and resist new ideas. What are we to do? Realize and admit we need a positive mindset. Realize that God must be our focus and realize God may and will give us options. Don’t shut off Holy Spirit’s leadership.