Miracle of the Word becoming Flesh


Miracle of the Word becoming Flesh

Deuteronomy 29:29 and John 1:1-4; 14; John 14:27 John 3:16-17

Christmas began with the eternal decision of God to come to live in our broken world. A decision of God’s grace made before the creation. The Miracle of the Word becoming Flesh. The Word was Timeless. The Word Created and produces life and light and the Word of God Became flesh and blood.

The Word. To the Hebrew was much more than a sound. The Word had an independent existence. The Word was creative, active and dynamic. The name of God was so Holy Hebrews substituted for the name “the Word of God”. Greek the word “Logos” meaning to both the mind of God and control of the world and every person. The Logos was already there before the creation. The Word is a part of eternity. God is before time pre-existence of Jesus.

“The Word was with God” Jesus was intimately connected with God. Jesus has always been with God. Jesus is one person in all the universe who can reveal to people what God is like and how God feels about people. “The Word was God”Jesus is perfectly the same as God. Jesus was with God. “The Word was with God in the beginning” Jesus’ pre-existence before the creation of all we know.  

The Word created all. Two basic Christian truths 1. All that was created was created out of nothing. Creation was not flawed. 2. World belongs to God. The Word produces life and light.1. Life: the opposite of destruction, condemnation and death. Eternal life (John 3:16) It’s the life God lives! Light: that pushes out the darkness. Light that reveals with no uncertainty in the moment. Light that guides us. Light that overcomes darkness which seeks to overwhelmunderstanding. Darkness hates good and never understands the greatness of God.

The Word became flesh: John 1:14

Three Greek words describe Christmas: Glory: Is the presence of God in the God man Jesus. Grace: It’s an act of pure love providing forgiveness. The poverty of the human soul required a limitless kindness 0f God undeserved favor.  Truth:Represents faithfulness, reliability, integrity and consistency all found in Jesus. Christmas is the miracle Word joining humanity! The Word is timeless it creates everything and gives life and light. How can Christmas be experienced? The simplicity of Jesus words to a very religious personality g. John 3:16-17. God loved. God gave Jesus God offered eternal life through Jesus God did not come to condemn, but to save from the penalty of sin which is death. How Believe Jesus! Believe is not to think with the intellect acceptance of Jesus. Believe is a conviction that Jesus is who he said he is. He is the way to God. He is the truth of God existence and Jesus with give life that only God can live. You can’t experience Christmas’ truth without acceptance of Jesus as Savior.



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