Advent 2021 What Child is This?

From a sermon delivered on December 23, 2021


Luke 1:26-29; 2:15-19; 2:33-35; 24:8-12

Let’s step back from the celebration of Jesus birth to consider the question raised What Child is This? And what did this child mean to humanity. Like Mary, we must individually consider what God’s plan meant to humanity. Like Mary, who treasured all they heard and experienced surrounding so must we consider God’s involvement in our world.  Like Mary and Joseph, we should be amazed by what this child would do in our world.  Finally, like Mary and the women at the open tomb, we must remember what Jesus said about Himself.

Like Mary, we must consider God’s plan meant to humanity. Luke 1:26-29

Christmas is the revelation of God’s personal intervention in human history. Jesus would be God’s entering our world in human history with a human body. He would grow up like any child, but without sin. Mary was God’s choice by God’s grace and unmerited favor. A simple maiden. Mary has nothing to fear because this was God’s work. Mary got an affirmation instead of an explanation.  

Like Mary and Joseph, we should be amazed by what this child would do in our world. Luke 2:15-19

God sent shepherds to affirm God’s involvement in all we experience. Angels affirmed to the shepherd God was providing a Savior who was born into the human family: Messiah the one they are longed to see. Angels appeared to give God praise. God sent the shepherd to tell Mary and Joseph all they saw and was told. Affirming what God was doing and his involvement. 

Like Mary and Joseph, we should be amazed by what the child would do. Luke 2:33-35. 

Eight days after Jesus’ birth. The parents were obedient. Present Jesus to God and name him the promised one. V.31 Piercing nature of Jesus mission. Pain that sin causes and the high cost of redeeming people.

Like Mary, we need to remember what Jesus taught us. Luke 24:6-12

Early dawn on a mission. “Nails, spear shall pierce Hm trough, the Cross he borne for me for you. Hail, Hail the word made flesh, The babe, the son of Mary.” Empty tomb was not proof of the resurrection nor did it produce belief in a resurrection. Appearance of the risen Lord would bring belief. Emphatic question: Why are you looking here for a living person? They remembered! 

Christmas a wonderful time, but it only brings us to having to make a decision “What child is this?”  This child was an intervention of God, Jesus was born to be our Savior. Jesus’ mission would not be simple nor easy. Eternal life and the defeat of death is the result this child’s life. Christmas is hope and resurrection. 


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