Sermon Notes

Nov 2021

The long years of exile the Hebrews developed a strong sense of superiority and exclusiveness of the Jews over the Gentiles. Only they were in the circle of God’s mercy and care, but not all Jews felt that way. There were those who understand the greatness of God’s love. They were the instruments of God to witness and bring salvation to the world. God’s call was to be nation of priests representing God in a fallen world. Jonah one was not who could not accept God’s love outside of his circle. The......

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Oct 2021

Jude wanted to write about our common salvation, but because of what was happening in and outside the fellowship Jude was directed by God to write this very emotionally charged letter. Jude contains a message to the saints of God, the aints who had entered the fellowship and the encouragement of the Savior....

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