Christmas 22 The Miracle of the Preparer of the Way


Christmas 22 The Miracle of the Preparer of the Way

John 3:16-17 Luke 1:5-25; Matthew 11:7-15

The last two weeks we have put together some pieces of a beautiful puzzle that is Christmas. The miracle of the Word (Jesus) becoming flesh and living with us. The miracle of God by angel, vision or some other method announcing God’s plan to a husband Joseph who was wondering what to do, a righteous and devout Simeon, who came to the courtyard of the Temple awaiting a promise he would not die before saw the Messiah. A widow who served others in the Temple who knew sorrow and grief who became a witness to Messiah in the world. On this third Sunday of Advent, we focus on the next pieces of the puzzle “The Miracle of the Preparer of the Way. There’s a Priest, Pray and Preparer.

Priest and his beloved wife. Luke 1:5-9

Descendants of Aaron: Elisabeth as well as Zechariah.

Dedicated couple. v6 “upright in the sight of God”.

Darkness for the priest and wife. No Children particularly no son.

Prayer and a Messenger Luke 1:10-13; 18-20

People assembled prayed and waited for the priest to come out.

Priest Zechariah and Elisabeth over the years had prayed for a child a son. Persistent in asking God, but the years have passed and now they are old.

Positive response. “Don’t be afraid.

Problem Zechariah doubted what the Angel Gabriel said. “I need a sign,”

Preparer of the Way Luke 1:14-16; 21-25

Who is John? A joy and delight to parents. Cause many to rejoice. Great in the Lord’s sight. Jesus affirmed this in Matthew 11:7-15.

What he will not do! Drink wine or fermented drink.

What John will do!  Filled with Holy Spirit. Bring many back to God. Act in the power of Elijah. Turn hearts of fathers to their children and disobedient to the wisdom of the righteous. He will make people ready for the Lord.

A priest serving. A prayer heard. A preparer for Messiah. To those who watch and wait to know the Messiah is here. The miracle of Christmas. Christmas is a time to allow God to prepare your heart to trust his gift of salvation and join Him in advancing God’s Kingdom through service to God and others. Will you put your piece of the faith puzzle together by listening to God’s call for you?



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