Coming Home: Prone to Wander


Luke 15:11-13; I John 2:15-16; Romans 7:21-25; Galatians 5:13-26

Jesus used a teaching moment to relate the story of the Prodigal Son’s decision to
leave home and eventually his return. The Prodigal’s story has been lived out in
many lives since Jesus told the story. Everyone has the possibility of stumbling in
our relationship with God. This sermon series hopefully will encourage believers
to get back and engage in the three basic objectives of the Church. Worship,
teaching and instructing Christian’s principles and evangelism sharing the love of
God and forgiveness. The story of the Prodigal and Paul’s teaching concerns our
proneness to wander. Here’s a glimpse at the prodigal, the Grind of our fallen
nature and Gift of God’s call to involvement in our life.
Glimpse at the prodigal Luke 15:11-13
Give me my share. 15:11-12 Prodigal had a sense of privilege. His wishes, plans
and desire to plot his own course. Goes off to a distant land to express himself
without restraints.
Grind of our fallen nature. I John 2:15-16; Romans 7:21-25
Root of our wondering Lust of the flesh a desire for experiencing pleasure. Lust
of the eyes accumulate everything the world has to offer. Third root is longing for
importance: ambition. Maslow's pyramid. From the bottom are: physiological
(food and clothing), safety (job security), love and belonging needs
(friendship), esteem, and self-actualization The ambition to be all that you can
be. Roughness of the struggle Romans 7:21-25 Good is challenged by evil.The
tyranny of indwelling sin. Guilt produced by wandering. Grace found in Jesus.
Gift of God’s Involvement in our personal life. Galatians 5:13-26
Called to freedom and service. (v13) Freedom no license to indulge in sin.
Freedom to serve each other in love and avoid harming. (v14-15) Freedom to
choose to live by the Spirit of God. Vv16-18) Contrast of living by following our
sinful nature or God’s Spirit. Sinful nature leads to a destructive result. (vv 19-
21) Spirit living redeeming positive results. (Vv.22-23) Crucified sin nature leads
to keep in step with the Holy Spirit. (vv.24-26)
We’re in a spiritual battle with our sinful nature and the forces of evil. I am
thankful we have over the past months returned to near normal attendance. Thank
you for your faithfulness. Yet we know people we care about who have not
returned to worship, instruction and sharing. I want to challenge you with the task
of inviting those who have wandered for whatever reason to COME HOME! All
have some prodigal in us. We all have spiritual struggles. God is involved invites
all prone to wander to come home.


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