Dealing With Mistreatments


Dealing with Mistreatment

Genesis 39:20 – 41:57
There is something supernatural about enduring with patience harsh treatment for doing right. Mistreatment comes from family, friends, circumstances beyond your control and untrue statements which are impossible to correct. Joseph’s experience will help us when we experience mistreatment. When we are in terrible places, troubling dreams frighten us and finding at turning point.

Terrible place Genesis 39:20 – 40:5
Prison: all prisons are not made of stone. Prisons can be emotional, mental and spiritual confining ourselves with depression and guilt. It’s a painful dark dungeon. Presence of God: (39:21) Two important words: Kindness Favor. Purposed place: (40:1-5) New inmates arrived cupbearer and chief baker entered the prison fearful and troubled.

Troubling Dreams Genesis 40:6-23
Chief Cupbearer: (40:9 -13) dream of vines and full cup interpretation: Restoration in three days. Chief Baker: (40:20-22) Baked bread eaten by birds: Interpretation: death in three days. Case of forgetfulness: (40:14-15) Concerned plea: Please remember me. Problem he forgot that request.

Turning Point Genesis 41:1-40
Pharaoh’s dream (41:1-8) fat and lean cows, heads of grain swallowed by lean swallowed them up. Powerful reminder to cupbearer: (41:9-13) Presented God (41:14-32) Cleaned up Plan: (41:33-39) Promotion from prison. (41:41-57) read vv41-43.
Mistreatment, abandonment, and persecution characterizes the Christians life at times. I Peter 4:12-14 Don’t be surprised or consider it weird when mistreatment comes. Rejoice that you are participating in Jesus’ suffering. Overwhelmed with joy when Jesus’ glory is revealed. Consider yourself blessed when you are insulted for Jesus’ sake. What does Joseph’s experience teach us? Terrible places and times are real and there is a purpose when you are there. There is a ministry to be done and in time: God’s time there is a turning point. Trust God!


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