Dealing With Temptation


Dealing with Temptation

Genesis 37:3-11; 18-35; Genesis 39:1-20

The Irish poet Oscar Wilde wrote about temptation. “I can resist everything, except temptation and the only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it” Scripture has included moments when the heroes of faith yielded, Noah, Moses, King David, Samson, Kings of Israel and Judah and Apostles. Only person who totally resisted temptations was our Lord Jesus, who by the way was tempted in every aspect of life. Temptation has many faces: materialism, authority, power, control of others and lusts of all kinds. Joseph temptation came in the middle of success. Let’s begin with an understanding Joseph as a favored son who was hatred by his brothers. Joseph a faithful servant of both man and God. Joseph made a fateful decision to run from temptation.

Favored son who was hated by his brothers. Genesis 37:3-11; 18-35

Daddy’s favorite Genesis 37:3-4 Dreamer: Genesis 37:5-7 Diabolical plotGenesis 37:18-35 Do something with the young brother, kill him, no put him in a pit. Then an opportunity to sale him to some traders. Then to lie to his father! The grief and heartbreak that crushed his father. Genesis 37:32-35.

Faithful servant Genesis 39:2-6

God was present in days of slavery. 39:2 God’s presence with Joseph was oblivious to Potiphar. God was involvedin the adjustments and overseeing ever aspect.  Joseph was given control of the house and resources.

Fateful decision to run from temptation Genesis 39:7-19.

Choice of Potiphar’s wife: took notice and tried to seduce on at least three occasions. Choice of Joseph: Reasonable response: v8-10 Faithful to his master and to God. Rejected the offer and ran vv11-12. Rage because she was rejected. Genesis 39: 13-16 Choice of Potiphar: Genesis 39:17-21 he decided to believe his wife and Confinement Joseph to prison.  

Our goal how do we handle temptation? PRAY! Jesus model prayer: “Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one”. Sometimes we must RUN! Practical helps: Don’t let you place in life weaken you. Don’t’ be gentle with your emotions question them! Don’t be confused by the immediate results of fleeing temptation, It’s not what most do. Don’t be deceived by persuasion which follow. Please don’t miss Genesis 39:21 “And the Lord was with him; he (Lord) showed him kindness and granted him favor in the eyes of the prison warden.” God’s plan for an individual committed to him will not fail. There can be dark hard times, but God is with you! Trust God!



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