Don’t Panic but…”


2 Thessalonians “Don’t Panic but…”

2 Thessalonians 2

Paul had quickly written the Sequel to I Thessalonians because of some untruths being taught and misunderstanding of the first letter. Chapter one’s theme is “It’s tough but” we learn adversity is the soil in which our faith can grow, that God will have the final and last word and faith can find its most powerful voice when we engage with God in prayer. Chapter 2 gives us more instructions of living in the light of the return of Jesus. “Don’t Panic, but….” Acknowledge there is a concern in many people about the Lord’s return. Accept the sad reality that there is a battle over the souls of people we know and love and allow our trust in God to grow as we engage with our society.

Acknowledge a concern in many about the Lord’s return. 2 Thess. 2:1-3;5-6

Gathering to Jesus: Jesus will have His Church with Him always. We gather ourselves on earth in a place of worship, but some fail to gather and fail to reap the blessings that other Christians can give them. Goal of God in these passages: 1. Prevent believers from being “unsettled” panic. 2. Prevent alarm, uneasiness and apprehension. 3. Prevent falling into deception a deliberate act. 4. Call to our remembrance of what has already been taught about the Lord’s return. 5. Introduce a restrainer.

Accept the reality the battle for the souls of mankind. 2 Thess. 2:3b-4; 7-12

Opposition to the Creator God: Lawless One is a person who will oppose all God has instructed. Lawless One will accept worship. Lawless One will create an ongoing assault on Godly values, moral and the teaching of God’s involvement.

Outcome for the Lawless One will be His destruction by the very voice of God. The Lawless One offers anarchy, evil, and deception as the instrument of Satan. Lawless One is a mediator between Satan and the perishing. Lawless One is an evangelist with a burden for souls. Strong delusion is sent to give them what they have chosen to believe Satan’s lie. Condemnation is the final judgement.

Allow your trust in God grow as we engage with our society. 2 Thess. 2:13-17

Thanksgiving is always due to God. We are beloved, chosen, sanctified and will obtain the glory of our Lord. Task: We are to stand firm not still. We are to hold to the teaching, guidance and examples of Scripture and those who have walked before us. Truth of God’s presence with us 2 Thess. 2:16-17 God loves, graces, gives eternal encouragement, and hope.

Conclusion: Remove the dread, unsettledness, apprehension, and don’t listen to the words of deception and get busy in the work of the Lord.


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