Finding Home



Psalms 137:1-6; Romans 1:21-25; Revelation 3:15-19; Matthew 11:28-30

We pause to remember, as a Church and Nation, those who left their homeland and put on the uniforms of the military to defend freedom. Brave men and woman left home, family, careers and safety and gave their lives. Our freedom is precious and fragile. Franklin Roosevelt said, “Those who long enjoy such privileges that we enjoy in time that others have died to win them.” The Hebrews knew the pain of war and the experience of losing home. I am thankful that Americans have never experienced losing our physical Homeland, but I feel that some Christians experience of home lost. Psalm 137:1-6 provides three words to help us understand this feeling: Despair, Derision and Determination.

Despair and the experience of broken heartedness. Psalm 137:1-2

There is a feeling of displacement. The Hebrews taken from their land given by God. The Temple as the place where God dwells. Christians relate the Word of God and the Church is undercut in its influence. There is a feeling of discouragement. Hebrews were dismayed by circumstances a strange land. Churches offer teaching God’s Word addressing evil, forgiveness, acceptance, relations and love. There is a feeling of despair and brokenhearted spirit. Like the Hebrews we want to sit down and raise our hands is despair and give up.

Derision of what is held as valuable and Holy is gone. Psalm 137:3-4

Captors/ tormentors taunts demanded they act joyfully in the face of their sadness. Christians are asked to put on a happy face, which we should, but deep inside our soul we know this is not home.  Concern for home a daily memory for the Hebrews. Christians equally face a sadness over the loss of values we hold.

Determination to make Home the first place of heart and soul. Psalm 137:5-6

Remember who we are. Hebrews God’s people and so are we! Re-present the truth of God’s of presence in all events of human history even when we can’t answer “why”. Remind people who will listen that God is aware of evil and will one day destroy its grip.

We find home when we widen the circle of family and friends. (Mark 3:31-35) We find home when we do more than attend church.” We find home when we understand we are held in God’s hand. We find home because Christians have a common purpose and have found an eternal home with Jesus. Jesus answers our anxious question of how we find “home” in the midst of all the unsettling news. God calls us to “come unto me” (Matthew 11:28 -30) in our weariness and burdens. Jesus gives us rest “implies the relaxing or letting down of chords which have been strained or drawn tight. Each of us must decide to accept this offer!


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