I Chronicles 22, Acts 17:24-28; Ephesians 2:17-22



The Temple was a structure very visible so believer’s and non-believers can be aware God is always present. 2 Chronicles 22 preparation for the beautiful building. Acts 17:24-28 preparations for an eternal ultimate dwelling of God. Ephesians 2:17-22 Presents Christians as the spiritual home and hope of all people. King David reminds us of the reality of finding a “spiritual home”.


Preparation to build a “spiritual home” The Temple 2 Chronicles 22

Laborers and materials had to gathered  22:2-4 The building would not be constructed by wishful thinking it would take time, patience and hard work. Lack of experience. Christians often feel the lack of experience leads to doing nothing. Don’t forget we are empowered by Holy Spirit to do whatever God asks of us. 22:5 Leadership of the Lord is paramount. 22:6-19 Build a house for the Lord because I can’t by God’s instruction. Be a man of peace and rest. Be blessed as God gives you discretion and understanding meaning intelligence, success, happiness and wisdom. 22:11-13. Be a keeper of the Law of the Lord when you succeed. Be strong,courageous not afraid or discouraged. Be bold 22:15-19 It’s all about God. Be devoted with all your heart and soul in seeking the Lord.

Preparing the ultimate spiritual home. Acts 17:24-28 

God made everything that exists. God chose to live in people instead of buildings. God purposed this in order that all people would seek a lifelong, meaningful relationship with God our creator, redeemer and giver of eternal life.

Prepare yourself as the spiritual home of God. Ephesians 2:19-22

Christians are God’s people not foreigners, aliens but members of the household of God! 2:19 Christians are built on a foundation of Jesus linked to all the living, preaching, teachings of those who have come before us. Jesus being the links all together as the cornerstone. 2:20. Christians are joined together in Jesus to becoming a dwelling of God in our society empowered by Holy Spirit.

Opening scene in “Patch Adams” narrative “in the middle of the journey of my life I found myself in a dark wood… for I had lost the right path.” That’s the central message of this new sermon series, COMING HOME. Losing our way is easy. Coming home is hard until we understand and accept that God is speaking to our heart and soul. You are God’s wonderful creation. God never forgets you. Patch Adams said:” Eventually I would find the right path in a most unlikely place”. Come Home where eternal love and forgiveness reigns. Play


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