It’s Tough but ….


2 Thessalonians: It’s Tough but ….

2 Thessalonians 1

2 Thessalonica deals with a concern to clarify things concerning the Second coming of Jesus. Chapter 1 addresses this with three truths about faith. Faith grows in the soil of adversity. Faith instructs us that God will have the last word and faith finds it’s voice in prayer.

Faith grows in the soil of adversity. 2 Thessalonians 1:1-4

Salutation: 1:1-2 Greeting from the Lord Jesus and Father. A greeting of grace and peace of God. Saints at Thessalonica was now filled with self -despairing. There is no criticism here Paul sought to encourage to build a stronger faith. Faith was growing! Love was increasing. Love increases so grows our service to others. Followers of Jesus become less self-absorbed and focused on others. Soil of adversity Greek word for endurance does not mean simply dealing in a passive matter with the circumstances. It means mastering the circumstances. Accepting the difficult parts of life that allows them to become “stepping stones” for new grow in our faith and love for God and others.

Faith instructs that God will have the last word. 2 Thessalonians 1:5-10   

God alone has the wisdom, knowledge and judgements are not traceable by our mind. Final words of result are counting believers worthy of the Kingdom. Final words are just as He deals with suffering and provide relief. Final words when Jesus returns will repay those who afflict and relieve those who are afflicted. Final words of God will produce retribution to those who do not know God. (vv8-9) Refusal to accept the invitation of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords is the greatest insult to God’s love, mercy and grace a person can offer. This refusal will not go unnoticed by God.

Faith is given a voice in our prayers. 2 Thessalonians 1:11-12

Prayer is making a deliberate contact with God in word and thought. Prayer allows us to leave the seat of a spectator and get in the arena so we can participate with God in manners of life and eternity. Prayer is important it refocuses our perspective, quiets fears, calms our anxiety and transfers our burdens.

It’s the adversity that provides the soil for our growth in faith and love. The final word will be God’s not our words or thoughts. Finally, prayer gives our faith a voice directed toward God. Pray without ceasing! Never forget those who you know have rejected God’s invitation to a relationship. Pray, share and encourage those folks. Never give up on them because God is calling them. Help them hear!


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