LC 1 2023 Miracle at the River


LC 1 2023 Miracle at the River

Matthew 3:13-15; Luke 1:41-52, 3:21-22; Mark 1:9-11

Miracles happen to reveal God’s interventions in human affairs. Miracles come at times of intense moments and are to bring glory to God alone because only God could do what was done! Miracles happen to meet human needs and reveals God’s compassion for all people. There is no better place to begin than at the Jordon River where Jesus enters His public ministry as He submits to baptism. There are three miracles in this moment. First, Jesus the Son of God identifies with all people. Second, Jesus the Son of God begins His public ministry. Third, Jesus the Son of God receives power to demonstrate and reveal Heavenly Father and the approval of His Heavenly Father.

Jesus the Son of God identifies with all people. Matthew 3:13-15

Problem: John’s baptism was for repentance, but Jesus had no sin to confess! Why would Jesus’ request baptism. History: Picture: Jesus is vicariously taking upon Himself the sins of God’s Chosen and in fact all sin for all people. Jesus was also identifying with all people. Jesus was demonstrating the compassion God has for everyone.

Jesus the Son of God the public ministry to reveal God. Luke 1:41-52; 3:21-2

Becoming a son of the Law a sacred ritual of taking the obligations of the Law. Frantic search: Found listening, asking, and responding to religious leaders. Frustration of Joseph and Mary Faithful revealing of Jesus: “I in my Father’s House” Father’s Name moved from Joseph and giving it to his Heavenly Father. Beginning of Jesus mission as the Son of God.

Jesus the Son of God empowered by the Holy Spirit and approved by the Father for the mission of redemption. Mark 1:9-11

Rising up out of the water heavens opened! Mark described it as heaven stretched out as a curtain to unveil the Holiness, grace, mercy and love of our Creator. Rising up out of the water a dove like image. A symbol of meekness descended from heaven right after he identified with all of us. Rising up out of the water a voice a Divine announcement of approval from Heavenly Father.

John 1:14-16 A fire was kindled by the river Jordan. You have the opportunity to receive God’s Grace now anopportunity to be forgiven of our sin of unbelief. Listen to the Holy Spirit as you recognize your need for salvation. If you are a Christian, you have been a part of a miracle! John 3:16-17 You are becoming a new person! I Peter 1:3-4  My question now is what will you do with this new life?  



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