LC 2022 -1 Andrew: I Found Him!

From a sermon delivered on January 9, 2022


Jesus needed men he could trust, who believed not only in him, but believed in His mission. The men were diverse, sometimes a rowdy. Some with strong personalities others passive, all committed to Jesus’ mission with one exception. He would select one who will betray Him. Jesus’ mission would change human history, but more importantly bring salvation to mankind. We begin with the first Apostle: Andrew, who would never be in the limelight, but would always be bringing someone to Jesus. First Andrew would bring his older fisherman brother, then a boy with a lunch basket. Finally, a group of strangers Greeks.

Bringing his brother: Simon John 1:35-42

John the Baptizer’s two disciples hear John say, Look the lamb of God! Two followed Jesus: Andrew and John the writer. Jesus question: “What do you want?” A fundamental question of life. Two disciples take the initiative to follow Jesus. It’s also a Divine initiative for Jesus to ask what they were looking for in their life. Andrew’s question: Where are you staying? Jesus’ response: “Come and you will see” Andrew response after the conversation. Andrew brings his brother Simon with an affirmation “I have found the Messiah’. Jesus looked at Peter and did not just see a man who fishes. Jesus saw what Simon could be.

Bringing a boy with a lunch basket. John 6:1-14 

Jesus and his cabinet had slipped away to a hill overlooking the field. Jesus asked where can we get bread for all of these people? Jesus knew what he was going to do. Jesus instructed the cabinet members to sit them down in groups. Jesus blessed the five loaves and two sardine size fish. Actions of Andrew:Andrew speaks upAndrew bring the boy. Andrew did what he could providing what was needed. Jesus does the rest! Andrew makes a difference. A beautiful example Be available. Be observant. Be willing to act. Be open to what our Lord can do. Be ready to be let God do something to reveal Himself.

Bringing a group of Greeks to Jesus. John 12:20 -32

We don’t know if these Greeks got to meet Jesus. They ask Philip who tells Andrew and they tell Jesus. Jesus explains to the cabinet His mission. Jesus declares he must die to produce a crop of believers. Jesus instructs it’s a total commitment. Jesus expresses his sadness, but it’s the Father’s plan. Jesus’ declaration: “If I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto me” 

Andrew discovered that afternoon with Jesus: hope, peace and eternal life something Andrew believed everyone should have the opportunity to receive. It would be up to each individual to accept or reject these gifts from God. Everyone should have the opportunity to know Jesus. Have you found the Messiah, if so, will you use what you know and have received from God to serve others?


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