LC 3 2023 Miracle at Cana in Galilee


LC 3 2023 Miracle at Cana in Galilee

John 2:1-11

Jesus began his public ministry. Jesus went to a celebration of a wedding a week-long festival. Jesus unlike the forerunner was not an ascetic and often joined in happy times. Jesus was open and accessible to all people. Jesus’ mission given by the Father was to save all the people. He took time to attend a wedding. Jesus was celebrating a happy occasion when he became aware of the potential breach of hospitality when the wine ran out. Everyone of course, would survive without another glass of wine, but it was a need. Jesus was touched by this possible embarrassment the bride groom may experience. The miracle at Cana involved a conversation, containers, and a conclusion.

Conversation: John 2:1-4

Gathering the entire village was invited! This miracle is not about wine, water or drinking. Problem to run out of wine was a humiliation of improper planning and a breach in hospitality.  Greeting: Women, may sound harsh. It was a tender word that indicated that Mary must lose Jesus as a son to become the Savior. Mary was focused on the lack of wine and humiliation while Jesus was focused on His mission. “My time has not yet come!” Mary had great confidence in Jesus. The conversation with Mary became an opportunity for Jesus to teach.

Containers John 2:5-8

Statement: Mary tells servants to do whatever he tells you. She just believed Jesus would do something. Application:Truth for us in our situations we shouldtrust Jesus. Six Containers: Jewish purification water containers for ceremonial washing. The number six is one short of seven the number for completion. Application: There is not enough water, rituals, or good deeds to cleanse our sin. Jesus alone completely saves. Series of commands: 1“fill the containers with water”. Water drawn from a well. 2.“Fill to the brim” from the abundant supply from the well. 3. “Give some to the master of the banquet” Only the  Mary, servants, Jesus and the disciples knew what had happened. Application: Only a few know what happened, often only a few will understand God action.

Conclusion John 2:9-11

Best for the last. Unlike others you saved the best for last. Application: Ouroutcome at first may not feel best, but as time passes understanding increases.Beginning of Jesus revealing his glory. Belief of the disciples “and the disciples put their faith in him”.

The miracle at Cana in Galilee met a need and changed lives. Will you believe Jesus will act to meet your need? Will you put your faith in Him.



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