Meet the Staff


James Dumas is our lead pastor and has been preaching for over 50 years. He has been at Montgomery Heights for over 30 years. His message can also be heard on WJJC and Facebook every Sunday morning (Live)


Michael Fischer is the assistant Pastor at the church. He also brings a message every Wednesday night on Facebook (Live)


Joan Dumas is a wonderful musician and has been playing the piano since she was 12 years old. We are blessed each Sunday with the music she brings us.


Larry Bond is a part of our music team. His talent with the guitar brings beautiful music to your soul each week.


Mollie Morris is a wonderful musical leader. She has been a worship leader for over 30 years. Ray & Mollie began Genesis Mission which is now Montgomery Heights Baptist Church.


Lisa Bond is a member of our musical team. Her and Mrs Mollie brings beautiful music to the members each Sunday.

Ray Morris

Dr.Ray Morris is an ordained minister and has developed the media platform for our church. He is also part of our leadership team.


David Watt is part of our media team. He runs the camera and sound for our church each week.


DeLisa Fischer grew up in Commerce and graduated from Jefferson High School.  Her main job in her life was to be a wife, mother, and now a grandmother.  But she did spend several years in banking and being a paraprofessional when their kids were in school.  She loves supporting her husband in his ministry, but has her own calling of working with women and supporting the challenges they face everyday.  She is in charge of our W.O.W kids! (Working on worship).  So she has the children each Sunday morning.

She also enjoys working with the Billy Graham Prayer Line ministry, praying with people from around the country concerning the needs in their lives.


Bob Clinton greets everyone each and every Sunday morning with a welcoming smile.