Miracle in Capernaum’s Synagogue


Miracle in Capernaum’s Synagogue

Luke 4:33-36; Mark 1:23-28

Capernaum was a little fishing village on the Lake of Galilee. It became the base of operations for Jesus’ Galilee ministry. Many signs or miracles occurred around this beautiful place. Both Luke and Mark record the Sabbath teaching of Jesus disturbed by a man possessed by a evil spirt or demon. Jesus defeated the evil spirit that day in the Synagogue as he taught. People were amazed with Jesus’ ability to teach with authority and Jesus was acknowledged as the Holy One of God by the evil spirit. People were then astonished with Jesus ability to remove the evil spirit.

People amazed with the teaching of Jesus. Luke 4:31-31; Mark 1:21-22

Sabbath: Is a time declared by God at the end of his creation activities for rest from work. Scripture: Jesus taught like no other. He reviewed the Old Testament propheciesmeanings. Jesus came to fulfill what God had promised.  Scribes: Readers, writers and explainers of the Law. Spoke from their educated understanding as they were taught.

Evil spirits acknowledge Jesus Identity. Luke 4:33-35; Mark 1:23-26

Demon possessed man not shut out of worship. Maybe no one knew of his problem. Demon or evil spirit who or what are they? Genesis 6:1-8 Jesus believed as evidenced by this exchange. Demon acknowledged Jesus as the Holy One of God. Mark 1:24. These evil spirits was with God in the dateless past. Demon confronted by Jesus. Mark 1:25-26 Luke 4:35. “Be quiet and Come out of him.” Two commands obeyed.

Astonished by Jesus’ authority. Luke 4:36-37; Mark 1:27-28

What did they just experience? Jesus’ authority to teach and to demand evil spirit obey. Source of Jesus authority? Jesus said, “I say to you!” Jesus’ authority was incarnate.

Strange things happen in worship, but faith and strength is found in worship. The miracle of casting out a devil and teaching not from the heart of God amazed, astonished and acknowledged Jesus was the sent one of God. Evil the Lordship of Jesus. Will you allow Jesus to be the Savior and Lord of your life? It’s a question you alone can answer.  



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