Miracle of Healing and Faith


LC 5 2023 Miracle of Healing and Faith

John 4:46-54

A royal official comes to a carpenter turned Rabbi because of what he had heard about Jesus’ healing in Capernaum. He abandoned his pride for his son. The miracle we study today is very similar to the pain that many families encounter today. We find in this miracle of Jesus a certain official coming to Jesus. Confidence of the certain royal official and a convincing application of the reality of faith in God.

Certain Royal Official. John 4:46-50a

Certain nobleman, person in King Herod’s court having a kingly dignity. He was informedthat Jesus had healed many in Capernaum. He begged Jesus to come heal by “touching.Concerned Jesus about what people wanted. John 4:48 They wanted “signs” miracles with some eternal purpose beyond themselves. They wanted “wonders” extraordinary and amazing things. Come down before my child dies. He thought Jesus had to be present to heal.

Confidence of the Royal Official John 4:50b-53

Accepted Jesus response the official goes back to Capernaum. He was profoundly conscience of Jesus ability. Assured by a servant with good news “his son was living”. Asked a question, “When did my son get better?” Answer:“yesterday at the seventh hour”. His feeble faith suddenly swelled at the moment Jesus said, “You son will live.” All the household (family) believed.

Application of faith for today.

Faith which trusts in sighs, wonders and miracles is weak frail faith. Faith is believing without seeing.  Faith is obedient trust in God. Faith provides hope, comfort and peace beyond expectation. Faith is grounded in a confidence that God is not only aware but involved. Faithis a breakthrough that provides strength to face the challenges.

Our faith must never be based in signs or wonders but God only. Our faith in God should influence those around us. Is your faith in self or the Savior? It’s your decision that will make a difference in your life.


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