Nahum: God is….!

Evil, injustice, hatred and violence will one day be judged by God. The little book of Nahum gives insight. God is jealous and avenging. God is slow to anger and good.

God is jealous and avenging: Nahum 1:2; 3b-6; 9-12a; 3:1-19

Fact: God will act against those who reject and challenge Him. Foolishactions that stir God’s anger. Nahum 1:9-12a Plotting against the Lord and His people. vv 9-11 Aligning with those who plot v12a Face judgement: 2:1;3-13; 3:1-19 Attackers advance against you. Standing alone you must be on guard, watch closely, brace against. It’s a horrible place. Alone under the judgement of God. Futility is the efforts against God’s judgement.  

God is slow to anger: Nahum 1:3

Anger: Literally means long of nose. When a person is outraged their nostrils flare and breathing becomes more intense. Extreme. Acquittal of the wicked will not happen. Guilty will not go unpunished. Sow to the wind and reap the whirlwind. God has His plan for forgiveness. Jesus!

God is Good Nahum 1:7; 12b-13; 2:2

God’s goodness contains a refuge in times of trouble. God cares for those who trust Him. God can be confided in and shelter for us. God corrects us as a tool to teach us. Removing our chainsand breaking the yoke that controls us. Giving us freedom. God gives us opportunity to celebrate when we look up to Him and find His peace. When we listen to His message, we find security. God contains our restoration.

Nahum message is overwhelming negative and judgment, but the big message is God’s forgiveness, acceptance, grace and mercy. Yes, sin is judged, but it can be covered. The Revelation of Jesus, the last book of the Bible graphically describes the final judgement of evil and its source. The last words of Jesus Revelation 22:7 and 12-16: 20 provides lifelong hope.

Our message we must share is: Sin and evil will be judged and destroyed. Everyone is eternal. Individual sin can be covered. The blood Jesus shed covers sin if we chose to accept that gift from God. The choice each person must decide individually is where our eternity will be lived: Hell separated from God or Heaven with God!


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