Saints, Aints, and Jesus

Jude wanted to write about our common salvation, but because of what was happening in and outside the fellowship Jude was directed by God to write this very emotionally charged letter. Jude contains a message to the saints of God, the aints who had entered the fellowship and the encouragement of the Savior.

Saints of God (Jude 1-3)

Servant of God: Jude was one of Jesus’ brothers. He was content to be in the background. Jude would see himself as at the disposal of the Lord. He was committed to his faith and mission. Saints: Called by God meaning summoning to an office, duty and responsibly. C Invited to a happy occasion. Loved of God: Christians are in the love of God and because of that we must express love for others. Kept by Jesus Christ: Christians are never left alone.

Aints (Jude 4-16)

How did they get in the fellowship? “wormed” their way in! What do they do? Pervert the grace of God. Deny Jesus when facing persecution. What examples of their efforts do we have? Israel deliverance from Egypt. Fate of the angels who rebelled against God. v6 Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah v7 What is these pretenders teaching? Declare the flesh or human tendencies is always evil. Despise celestial beings v8-9 Do speak against things they do not understand. V10 Who are these pretenders? Vv11-16 They are like Cain selfish materialistic. Like Balaam who taught Israel to sin worship Baal. They were like Korah who lead a rebellion against Moses. Described as blemishes, shepherd who feed themselves first. Clouds that produce no rain. Autumn trees with no fruit. Wild waves that pound the shore. Wondering stars purposeless tracts. Grumblers, malcontents following their own passions and self- important.

Savior (Jude 17-23)

Jesus warns the way it is in the last days. The purpose to undermine and divide people in the fellowship. Jesus’ instruction work on building up our faith and dependance on prayer. Keep ourselves in the love of God. Waiting for the mercy of God with expectation of God’s deliverance. Being merciful to those who struggling. Snatching those out of the fire and see their lives saved.

We are in the last days. Pretenders will come and are present to snatch your attention and undermine your understanding and water down your love for God. Expend your energy developing your faith in God. It’s now our decision to respond to God’s instructions. It’s a time for recommitment to our faith in the light of all that is happening around us. God is with us!


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