Sindrone of Pride and Prejudice


Sindrone of Pride and Prejudice

Acts 10

The misspelling of the word syndrome is intentional. It’s used to show the nature
of pride and prejudice. Acts 10 is a mirror of self-reflection to help us examine
the barriers which prevents us from sharing our faith. Barriers like economic,
political differences and cultural barriers. We can learn there is Divine
Interventions, Divine Destruction of barriers and Divine Appointments to test our
understanding and maturity in our faith.Divine Intervention Acts 10:1-22

Cornelius Acts 10:1-8 Cornelius a military leader, respected, mature, battle tested
and scared from battle. He’s a God-fearer. He’s attracted to the monotheistic
values and the morality of accountability. He prays regularly. God sends vision
and messenger who gave encouragement, recognized and instructions. He
responded to God’s instruction.
Peter a common fisherman called by Jesus. Acts 10:9-22 He carried loyalty to the
Jewish covenant and moral law. He was a pillar of the new church and mission of
God. He had pride, prejudice and legalism. He was on a mission for the new
church. He was prompted by God to understand God’s message.
Divine Destruction of Barriers. Acts 10:23-32a
Accompanied by some brothers. Anticipated arrival Cornelius anticipated that
whatever God was going to do was important enough to have family and close
friends present. Admission by Peter of his pride and prejudice. First, Peter
admitted he was nothing special “I am only a man myself.” Second, confessed
prejudice in his life. “I should not call any man impure or unclean” Third, Peter
asked what was needed. Fourth, Peter listened to Cornelius.

Divine Appointments Acts 10:32-47 “We are here in the presence of God to
listen to everything the Lord has commanded you to tell us”
Revelation of God’s concern and love for Gentiles. 10: 30-33 Realization of
God’s love reaches all people. “God does not show favoritism, but accepts men
from every nation who fear and do what is right.” Reveling God’s mission and
message. Responsibility to be a witness of God’s work in my personal life.
Results Acceptance of faith. Anticipation of more about God’s love..
Sindrone of pride can keep Christians for sharing Jesus’ love and forgiveness.
Sindrone of prejudice accepted by us and lived out in our separation from those
who are different lock away folks from hearing about forgiveness of God. No
person on earth is out of the reach of the grace of God. God can liberate every
soul from sin and separation from God.


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