The Miracle of Announcements


The Miracle of Announcements

Matthew 1:20-22; Deuteronomy 22:23-24 Luke 2:25-38; Isaiah 9:6

Christmas didn’t come unannounced. Foretold in the Old Testament passages and written on the heart of faithful Old Testament saints. Christmas did not come in a spiritual vacuum God was involved. This sermon on Miracle of Announcements focuses on three individuals experiencing a messenger of God to settle them and bless their faith. First, Joseph, who was wondering what to do about Mary. Second, Simeon who was waiting for God to act and Anna who was a witnessing God’s intervention in human history.

Joseph, who was wondering what to do with Mary. Matthew 1:20-22

Steps in a Jewish marriage: Engagement was arranged by the children’s parents or a professional matchmaker! Betrothal is the ratification of the marriage. The female could decide to opt out of the engagement. The couple would be called “husband and wife”. The Marriage ceremony was the final phase! Somberacknowledgement She was pregnant with someone’s child. Mary had been unfaithful! Joseph had a very difficult decision Serious decision: The only solution was “divorce” Mary privately.

Simeon who was waiting for God. Luke 2:25-35 Eight days after Jesus’ birth.

Devotion of Simeon His devotion and righteousness caused him to believe and trust God was acting on behalf of mankind. Direction of God Simeon would not die until he saw the consolation of Israel. Declaration when Simeon saw Jesus. Definitive moment: vv 29-32. A revelation for all Salvation to all including a light for Gentiles who lived in spiritual darkness and glory to Israel the people from whom salvation would come.

Anna witnessing the Messiah Luke 2:36-38 Again eight days after birth.

Widow and prophetess: A woman who knew sadness. Worshipped through fasting and prayer. Witnessed when she was led by God to Simeon Mary, Joseph and the baby. She confirmed to all Jesus is the redeemer of Jerusalem.

Christmas had miracles announcements. When Joseph had to decide God spoke. When Simeon saw Jesus, he found peace. When Anna looked at Jesus, she could do nothing less than tell everyone Messiah had come. This Christmas Holy Spirit wants to birth in you a confidence to listen to his instruction, strength tofind peace in your soul and a willingness to share Jesus a witness grace and love.



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