The Miracles of Restoration and Resurrection


The Miracles of Restoration and Resurrection

John 11-Luke 24

Restoration is the action of John 11 and learning something to their former condition. Person are a creation of God to be in a meaningful relationship with God, but sin took that away. Jesus death on the cross paying for our sin can bring us back into that relationship a spiritual restoration. Resurrection is bringing to life that which was dead God alone can defeat physical death. Our Living Lord will restore everyone to a meaningful relationship with God. It’s the mission Jesus came into our world. Jesus leaves His grave on the first Easter God validates all that Jesus loved, taught and showed how much we are loved by God. The miracles of restoration and resurrection.

Restoration: John 11

Delay two days: A message comes to Jesus that his friend Lazarus is very sick. Jesus replies that it will not end in death, but would bring glory to God. v5. Death: “Lazarus if dead” v.14 death means separation from those we love. When death comes into our life, we must recall these words of Jesus. “I am the resurrection and life. Do you believe?” Trust God! There is also a spiritual death. When a person by neglect, lack of knowledge or pride will not confess rebellion and sin. Declarations: Where is he? Jesus went to the grave Jesus wept. “take away the stone” to see the glory of God. v40. Prayer: Thank you Father it was going to benefit of all. Call to come out v43. Unbind him! Dark plot to kill Jesus. What the religious leaders unknowingly doing was giving Jesus an opportunity to prove once and for all that he had spoken the truth when Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and life.”

Resurrection: Luke 24

Active creation: earthquakes Matthew 27. Announcement: messenger angels Matthew and Luke Mark said “young men” Message: hope and hope: Arranged graveclothes: Everything was in it’s place! Appearances:  Uncontested proofs Women, Mary Magdalene. Disciples on road. ten disciples Eleven with Thomas: Sea of Galilee disciples fishing trip; Apostles plus 500 Matthew 28; James I Cor. 15:7 and Paul Acts 9

Getting to Easter restoration and resurrection will involve a Good Friday! It’s Resurrection Sunday death is defeated. Will it be restoration Sunday for you? God is ready, are you? Believe!


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